Do air filters contain fiberglass?

Oven air filters protect oven mechanisms from getting dirty and also remove particles from the air you breathe. The filters are made of different materials, including fiberglass, polyester and cotton. The primary function of an air cleaner is to remove contaminants from the indoor air of your home as they enter the HVAC system. While the airflow advantages once enjoyed by the fiberglass filter have been innovated basically without style, there is another element of system health that is not often discussed, and fiberglass is surpassed by pleated filters once again here.

Choosing fiberglass air filters is a great option if you're looking for a traditional, practical filter that provides you with basic protection at an affordable price. Pleated air filters are made of cotton, paper or polyester sheets that fold into folds, increasing their surface area. Pleated filters and their effective filtration work against this problem by minimizing the amount of contaminants that can adhere to evaporator coils, while garbage filters that let through just about anything leave you susceptible. In fact, most of the fiberglass we find in the air and dust of buildings seems to originate from building insulation, especially where there is traffic or air movement in and out of areas where fiberglass insulation is exposed, and even more so if that insulation is mechanically damaged, such as being stepped on.

If you're ready to find the right air filter for your oven or air conditioning unit, you can search by filter size or by MERV rating. One of the decisions you'll need to make when finding the right filter for your home's HVAC system is whether you should buy a pleated filter or a fiberglass filter. Fiberglass air filters seem to offer an inexpensive solution when it comes time to replace your home boiler filters. Because of their efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, pleated filters outperform fiberglass filters in almost every category.

Pleated air filters are now constructed of synthetic materials that have smaller individual fibers, which are wound in such a way as to maximize airflow and filtration efficiency. Fiberglass filters are the 1-inch blue filters that can be found in most hardware stores and large retail stores. When particles pass through the fiberglass air filter and enter the system, one of two things happens. The filters themselves are cheaper, but the cost of using them isn't much cheaper, and an HVAC breakdown caused by a fiberglass filter moving its thumbs as huge particles pass through them definitely isn't cheaper.

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